Small bugs in bedroom

Small bugs in bedroom
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Sometimes when you pull back your sheets, you are going to see little bugs scurrying all over. Bug infestation is a horrible thing, and you have to deal with the problem the moment you notice the presence of these critters. However, before you set out dealing with the problem, below are a few types of bugs whose existence you should be aware of:

Regular bedbugs – these are found in all sorts of climates and are identifiable by their bulbous bodies that flatten when the bug
hasn’t been feeding. They are almost exclusively found in homes and target human beings.

regular black bed bug
Regular black bedbug

Tropical bedbugs – these also target human beings but tend to gravitate toward tropical areas. They are common in the US state of Florida.

Barn swallow bugs – The swallow bug looks a lot like the common bed bug but it mostly thrives in swallow nests in order to feed off its hosts. However, when bird migration occurs, the bug has been known to shift its focus and enter people’s homes.

Bat bugs – these critters are known to thrive in both tropical and temperate areas. Their most common host is the bat, but they are known to shift their focus to humans when their regular host is no longer available.

bat bugs
Bat Bug

Mexican chicken bugs – known to infest poultry farms, these bugs target domestic fowl and some other birds. In some situations, they will make their way into your bedroom.

What do you do if you find small black bugs in the bedroom?

You should start by cleaning your beddings and clothing in hot water and then drying them. You also need to scrub the seams of your mattresses using a brush in order to get rid of bedbug litter and eggs. Finally, vacuum the bed and the area around it. If there is a full-blown infestation, then you can always call in an exterminator.

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