Small brown bugs in bedroom

Small brown bugs in bedroom
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Simply knowing that there is small brown bug in your bedroom doesn’t really help you identify it, especially given the fact that there is a large number of bugs that can be found in the bedroom. Below, we are going to look at different types of small brown bugs in bedroom, and what to do with them;

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are small, oval shaped, reddish brown insects, with six legs and two eyes. They cannot jump or fly, and feed on blood. They are generally attracted to warmth and their small, flat bodies allow them to easily hide in bed frames, mattress seams, clothing, beddings, headboards and other bedroom furniture. If you happen to wake up with tiny red bumps all over your body, it’s a sign of a bed bug infestation. Bed bugs can also be identified by their smell, or if you happen to see a large group of tiny black or brown dots.

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Fleas are small, flat, reddish brown insects, though much smaller than bed bugs. They are also narrower and more oval shaped than bed bugs. They have long legs with a strong hind pair that’s thick and adapted for jumping. They feed on blood, and prefer animal hosts than humans. Fleas tend to hide in mattress creases, seams, clothing and beddings. In most cases, fleas are brought into the bedroom by an infested pet lying on, or even near the bed.

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Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetles usually vary in color depending on type, however, the most common color is brown. They have round bodies and a short antennae. Unlike bed bugs, carpet beetles do have wings and can actually fly. They prefer nectar and pollen, thus they enter the bedroom on cut flowers. Once they are inside your bedroom, they expand their diet to include; wool, hair, silk, leather, fur, and such other fibrous materials. Although this type of brown bug doesn’t pose serious danger to your body, it can produce a rash if it happens to come into contact with your skin. They can also do a lot of damage to your furniture, clothing, carpets, fabrics, food, upholstery and many other things.

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Clover Mites

Clover mites are oval shaped, reddish brown insects which can invade your bedroom. They generally don’t bite or spread any illnesses, however, they can cause skin irritation if you have sensitive skin.

What To Do About These Bugs

Well, it is possible to try DIY (i.e Do It Yourself) bug removal, although it’s not very advisable. It involves deep cleaning and vacuuming your bedroom, thoroughly washing and drying all your clothing, bedding and textiles in high heat, and sometimes you might need to do a chemical treatment. When using chemicals, it’s important to carefully follow instructions given in the label for safety and best results. That said, it’s important to note that if you have a serious brown bug problem, or you are not able to completely eradicate the bugs from your bedroom, you should immediately call a professional exterminator who specializes in bug removal.

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