Small black bugs in bedroom

Small black bugs in bedroom
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Black bugs are not only irritating but can take over your house. They usually hide on bed frames, mattresses, baseboards, beddings, and bedroom clutter. If you’ve found small black bugs in bedroom, don’t fret. Here are a few easy steps to de-bug your room.

Check your mattress

Black bugs like to stay close to their food source so you should first check your mattress. Because of their tiny shape, they can easily fit on cracks and at the edge of the mattress. Apart from looking for the bugs themselves, check their dark droppings and shells left behind after molting. Plus, make a more thorough examination on both sides of the mattress.

black bugs

Set poison-free sticky traps

The traps lure the bugs with color and scent. While this may not be an effective way of eliminating bugs, it’s an excellent way of identifying where they hide. If the bugs don’t live in your mattress, then they travel up the bed frame- set some traps there.

Clean your beddings with hot water

This is the most natural method of getting rid of these tiny bugs. It’s inexpensive and very effective. Likewise, pass a hot steam on the mattress cover while concentrating on the seams. After that, seal the beddings in a plastic bag to keep them protected.

black bugs

Vacuum every space in the bedroom

This is where the rubber meets the road. Now that most of the items are out of the room, vacuum every surface starting from the mattress, bed frame, baseboards, and furniture. Also, make sure you clean the corners and the crevices. To avoid spreading the bugs, you may want to throw away the vacuum bag. It’s also important that wipe the walls with alcohol to avoid damaging the paint. After that, you should spray the entire room with an appropriate insecticide. Because most insecticides are contact killers, they will kill the bugs and eggs.

Bugs can spread rapidly making them hard to eliminate. By following the above steps, you’ll make the tedious task of eliminating black bugs a breeze.

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