How to set up a small bedroom

How to set up a small bedroom
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Psychologists believe that the separation of apartments into zones has a beneficial effect on the condition of residents. Therefore, the presence of a separate bedroom, even a small one, will give you the opportunity to fully relax and gain strength for the next day. The smaller the room, the more closely you need to approach its decoration and design. Then even the smallest room will be functional and comfortable.


1. Your task is to make a small bedroom not cramped, but cozy. Not necessarily visually increase the space and raise the ceiling – beat the miniature of the room. Eliminate artificial materials, faceless hotel style, perfectly even light walls and shiny surfaces.
2. Walls of the bedroom are covered with wallpaper with a picture or painted with a matte paint with a textured surface. The best colors look warm colors – cream, beige, soft green. Very good and combinations with rich and dark shades. Chocolate brown, marsh green, dark blue, shades of bronze, cocoa and old gold look very harmonious and perfectly combined with the bedroom furnishing. But bright clean colors should be avoided even in the quality of accents – they are designed for more spacious rooms.
3. Decorate the window. For the bedroom, a complex multi-layered curtains, falling to the floor and stacked with spectacular folds, will do. Very beautiful double curtains, complemented by pick-ups and lamberkenami. Decorate them with fringe or brushes.

4. Choose the right textile for the bedspread on the bed, decorative pillows, blankets. To avoid unnecessary variegation, choose two or three harmonizing shades – for example, golden, warm beige and chocolate. In the same range it is necessary to withstand and bed linen.

5. Pay attention not only to the color, but also to the structure and composition of the fabric. Choose natural materials – wool, silk, linen and cotton – or at least quality imitations.

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6. Pay special attention to the beds. Instead, you can install a good mattress on the legs. Supplement it with a headboard that you can make yourself, and two small side tables on each side. If no suitable furniture was found, use small stools draped with a cloth.

7. If the bedroom is very small, do not place a wardrobe in it. It can be equipped in a hallway or corridor. For home clothes, install a round hanger. And do not try to shield the corner for a computer or a TV – in a company with them you will hardly be able to fully relax, and in the cozy atmosphere of a small bedroom they will not fit.

8. Take care also of the soft coating on the floor. It can be a monochrome fleecy carpet, a Persian carpet or a sheep skin – the main thing is that it’s nice to walk on the floor barefoot. If you are cold all the time, make a double covering by laying carpet, and putting a harmonious coloring path on top.

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