How to put a bed in the bedroom

How to put a bed in the bedroom
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It is very important to choose the location of the bed in your bedroom, as it depends on it, whether your sleep and rest will be full. After all, you, getting up in the morning, should be cheerful, energetic and rested. Before placing a bed, it is advisable to listen to a Chinese science like feng shui.

1. The bed is not strongly recommended so that your feet lie to the door. This is not a good sign has long been known among people, as “only the dead are carried forward with their feet.”

2. Also, do not put the bed in such a way that there is a window behind it, since the window does not have the property to protect. In addition, the window can be a draft, and you can easily catch a cold.

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3. It is better that the head of the bed is in contact with the wall, but this wall should not be a wall adjacent to the toilet and kitchen. According to fengshui, the bedroom should not get smells from the kitchen and toilet, they violate the positive energy in the bedroom. The wall creates a sense of stability, reliability and security.

4. Over the bed should not hang any objects, for example, long chandeliers, lamps, cabinets, shelves, paintings, as they cause a sense of pressure and threat. A man lying on a bed can not relax thoroughly.

5. It is not recommended to put the bed where it is reflected in the mirror. There is a superstition that there will be adultery in the family. And according to fengshui, all the information accumulated for the day and energy, which can be more negative than positive, is reflected in the mirror and sent back to you. In the end, you wake up tired and depressed.

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6. Do not place the bed close to the TV, the minimum distance should be 3 meters. In general, the TV should not be in the bedroom, because it accumulates negative energy and unnecessary information in the bedroom, which, again, interferes with a calm sleep.

7. The bed should be so that you can see the people entering the bedroom. The best location of the bed – diagonally to the door, so advises feng shui.

8. If the bed is double, designed for two people, then access to the bed should be on both sides. If the bed is for one person, then place it sideways against the wall or in the corner between the window and the door.

Under the bed there should not be any objects (boxes and other things that are folded under the bed, because there is nowhere else to put them). Space should be empty, so that energy can circulate freely when you sleep.

If sleep does not bring you a full rest, perhaps the whole point is that your bed is not in the right place. Then it is necessary to rearrange the furniture in the bedroom.
Helpful advice

If you do not have the opportunity to put the bed, as recommended, for example, the bed is placed at the head to the window, or your legs lie to the door, you can smooth out the effect of negative energy by placing a separating object between the bed and the door (or window): a shelf, a wooden grill with climbing plants and stuff.

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