How to divide the kitchen into zones

How to divide the kitchen into zones
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Dividing kitchen is often used for more comfortable and efficient use of its space. This is important, because this room is often visited in any apartment: here we accept and prepare food, store products

When zoning, there’s an allocated zone of passage, designed to enter and exit the room, a dining area intended for food intake, a working area designed for cooking and kitchen service. The most important are the working and dining areas.

How to divide the kitchen into zones 2

For the dining area it is important to create comfort and coziness, which is so necessary for a quiet meal and rest at the table. The working area requires convenient location of various utilities (cold and hot water, household gas, electricity, sewerage, exhaust, etc.), the location of kitchen accessories (including different kitchen appliances) and products, as well as the convenience of processing products.

The layout of the kitchen room in the zoning plays a key role, however, it is possible to distinguish zones and design methods: the arrangement of furniture, lighting, color, finishing of kitchen surfaces with different materials, partitions, etc.

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Dining area

To create the comfort and cosiness necessary for food intake in the dining area, it is recommended to use separate lamps. With the close location of such a zone to the window, it is very good to use wall lights to obtain in the evening additional artificial light. Such fixtures can also be located in the cornice directly above the window.

To illuminate the table, you can use a separate lamp located on the ceiling. For such a luminaire, it is preferable to have an adjustment of its lift height above the table.

Walls in such a zone are recommended to be covered with washable wallpaper, as the wallpaper here is subject to more intense pollution than in other rooms. The floor is recommended to be separated using its different coloring, the use of floor drawings, and also with the use of various finishing materials, other than those used for finishing other areas.

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Work zone

A bright light is required for the work area, since electromechanical, thermal, manual and other important works are carried out in this zone related to increased danger (cutting, cutting, thermal and chemical treatment, etc.).
The illumination of the working area is carried out by fluorescent light. For the gas stove, the lighting is used from the luminaires located in the hood above the stove. The illumination of the sink is carried out from the luminaires located in the hanging cupboard above it.

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For more convenient cleaning and cleaning of the wall surfaces in this area, it is recommended that they be covered with ceramic tiles. You can use in the zoning and multi-level ceilings.

The above techniques will help you easily zonirovat kitchen and turn it into a multifunctional, efficient, comfortable and cozy room for the whole family.

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