How to choose a good bed

How to choose a good bed
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Buying a bed is a responsible business. An inconvenient sleeper and a poor-quality mattress can cause sleepless nights and headaches in the mornings, problems with the spine or neck. On the bed a person spends a third of his life, so it is important that he is as comfortable as possible and provided a full rest.

1. Determine the dimensions of the bed that you need, depending on the size of the bedroom  and the number of people who will sleep on it. The width of a single bed is about 90 centimeters, which is enough for one sleeper. But the situation is different, and if you admit the possibility that in the future you will need a double bed, it is better to immediately buy one or consider a half-tropic version. If the bedroom area does not allow you to put a wide bed, think about a model that rises to the wall or opens in the form of a cabinet.

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2. A good bed is first and foremost a good mattress. It should not be too hard, but not soft: both have a negative effect on the spine. To determine the softness, lie on your back and put a hand between the mattress and the body. If it barely passes, then this is a good sleeper. Turn on your side – the spine should stay straight. Lie on the bed for a bit, try different poses. If you are uncomfortable, do not consider this option.

3. Check the quality of the bed. Requirements for selection are the same as for other furniture. Quality is determined by price, for example, chipboard is cheaper, but it is inconvenient, non-ecological and less durable material than expensive tree species. Focus on financial means, but do not save, if there is an opportunity.

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4. Take into account your health problems. Allergies need to find out what the mattress is made of – if there is an allergy to natural materials, choose foam rubber or another synthetic filler. People who suffer from painful squeezing of body parts that come in contact with the bed will be matched with water mattresses, since they evenly distribute the weight of a person. When choosing a bed for the elderly, pay attention to its height. Sitting on the edge of the bed, a person should touch the feet of the floor.

5. If the appearance of furniture is important to you, pay attention to the design of the bed. Some models are real works of art, with many original decorative elements. Lovers of minimalism, as a rule, choose the most simple beds with rectangular backs. Today there is a huge selection of designs: different shades, shapes, details, backs and legs. You can even order the production of beds on an individual project.

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