How to choose a picture in the bedroom

How to choose a picture in the bedroom
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Paintings, as an element of decor, become an integral part of the interior. Correctly selected picture can be an excellent accent in the setting of a bedroom or living room.

Paintings – elements of decor

Such “functional” paintings can be reproductions of famous canvases, posters or abstractions, as they are elements of decor. Selection of a painting for the color scheme of the interior in this case is the norm.

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The most popular placement of the picture in the bedroom is the head of the bed. This allows you to smooth out the impression of an empty, uncomfortable wall and adds a twist. At the head of the bed can be placed one large image or “collage” of compact. It is not necessary to hang one small picture at the head of the bed, it usually looks ridiculous and lonely. The bigger the bed, the bigger the picture. For the right impression, the width of the collage or a separate large picture must be at least half the width of the bed. The height of the canvas is insignificant.

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Chinese art Feng Shui believes that the paintings in the bedroom should always be depicted paired items, so that personal life was happy.

Types of paintings

In decorative posters and paintings, the main burden falls on the plot and color. Subjects of decorative are often all universal (it can be floral or marine themes, non-aggressive abstraction), and colors are selected for a specific interior.

So, the picture-rhyme can be called the one that connects and repeats the colors prevailing in the interior. This image “rhymes” with the situation as a whole or with its details. Quite often, rhyme patterns repeat the colors of decorative pillows, curtains, bedspreads… This approach makes the decor of the head of the bed unobtrusive and calm. In fact, the picture merges with the surrounding environment, becomes invisible. At the same time an empty wall in the headboard does not irritate, does not look abandoned and empty, and the bedroom becomes much cozier.

The picture can also be a bright accent in the interior, it can become a single accent or be one of several. In any case, the picture will immediately attract attention. It is very important when choosing an accent image to pay attention to the saturation and beauty of the color, the quality of the performance and the frame and not least the plot.

In most cases, it is not necessary to select heavy pretentious frames for decorative paintings, this may look like it’s gone.

The picture can emphasize the style of the bedroom. In a similar situation, it does not just merge with the environment, but serves some kind of idea. For example, a bedroom, decided in African style, requires a painting or a poster with a picture of the savannah. Urban style – canvases with urban landscapes

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