Emo bedroom ideas

Decoration of a house or apartment, the task is not easy. A collection of photos of emo bedroom ideas on the site will help you choose the best idea in 2018.

The term ’emo’ is mostly identified with music but if you ask any serious emo fan, they will tell you that there is more to it. Emo is a lifestyle and it highlights how things look.
That’s why you can easily inculcate the emo culture into your home, especially in your bedroom. An emo bedroom is thoughtfully decorated to match the emo lifestyle. You can copy the following 4 emo ideas in your bedroom.

1. Change Your Color Scheme

An emo bedroom has to be of the right color. You have to make black a crucial part of the décor. However, you can only paint one part of the bedroom wall black while the others with brighter colors such as rich red as well as yellow or pink. If you don’t fancy these bright colors, you can substitute them with white, brown or blue.

2. Change Your Furniture

You should avoid matching your furniture pieces in your bedroom. You can use simple wooden pieces and still achieve the emo goal. The best color to paint them is black or brown. If you prefer metallic furniture, they can still work provided they are not very colorful. Such approach will give you a better layout to take an emo bedroom photo.

3. Match The Bedding With The Emo Theme

If you decide that your bed is the center of your room, it’s important to emphasize of the bedding. You should match the pillows and sheets with your emo theme. If you want more creativity, you can play with the texture of the throw pillows.

4. Emo Wall Hanging

If you are looking for creative emo bedroom ideas, this is one of them. Since the emo culture is music-based, you can place hangings on your wall that defines your favorite album, concert or artist. You can decide between realism and funky cartoon.


With the emo bedroom thoughts, you can transform your ordinary bedroom into an inspiring one. It doesn’t take much effort or money to do this and so you can do it by yourself. It’s all about getting thoughtful and practical when redesigning your bedroom.

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