How to choose the color of wallpaper

How to choose the color of wallpaper
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You decided to make repairs in the house and paste new wallpapers. This is correct. Now we need to choose them by color, quality, manufacturability. Do not go to the market or shop and act on the principle: “These are these, what beautiful, let’s take, perhaps, them.” After all, in what you bring home and paste on the wall, live more than one year. And if on the second day after repair in such and such beauty you will not be left irritated, it means that with the choice of wallpaper color you made a mistake.

1. Correcting errors in repair is always difficult, it is better not to admit them. That is why before buying a wallpaper, responsibly approach the choice of color. The influence of color on us has long been known. It is proved that:
• red, bright orange, rich yellow – excites, causes aggression;
• light green and blue, yellow with lemon tint – soothes;
• saturated blue, purple, gray – oppresses. In addition, the correct choice of wallpaper color can completely change the appearance of the room, affecting its size, shape, atmosphere (cools or warms). Armed with this knowledge, you should really evaluate your apartment from the following points of view:
• the size of the rooms and their location relative to each other;
• proportions (height, length, width);
• location (north, south, solar, shadow, functional)

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2. To increase the size of the room, choose light wallpaper. Picking up wallpaper of the same color, but different tone and saturation, you can adjust the shape of the room. For example, by placing on the long side of the room a wallpaper of beige color, you will visually expand the room, on short walls, glue wallpaper of a darker color, closer to the brown one. The form will change at once, get a new look, the room will look more proportionate. Similarly, with a height – light wallpaper will increase the height, dark – reduce. And only in that case, if you are the owner of spacious, bright rooms, you can choose the color-saturated wallpaper with a large tone pattern.

3. If the room is located to the north, is not spoiled by the sun’s rays, choose warm tones (red, orange, bordeaux) of different, non-aggressive saturation. Such colors “warm” it, give comfort. In bright, sunny rooms, add cool tones – blue, green, purple. They will “cool” it (this is especially true for residents of southern regions).

4. They will “cool” it (this is especially true for residents of southern regions).

5. Add to your foregoing your personal preferences, decide on a common family council, and the choice will be made true. If there is such an opportunity, take a piece of selected wallpaper for the sample to see how they will look in your room. The new look of the apartment will not for one year please you with personality and coziness.

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