Art Deco Bedroom Interior

Art Deco Bedroom Interior
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A bedroom is a private recreational space for one or two persons. In this room, you are free to fully reveal your personality and choose the design you like the most.

Art Deco is a style that says a lot about your character since it is seldom used in the interior. It’s the choice of the most daring and creative people.

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‘Art Deco’ means ‘decorative art’ in French. You will have to decorate most of the bedroom on your own, which allows much freedom for people who adore handmade.

Now, the general atmosphere of an art deco bedroom must be very festive and rich in patterns; such design often features gold, silver, and crystals. There must be a multitude of knickknacks. Art deco is not a style favouring minimalism, and a wall with a single photo on it will not work. Bedroom walls enrich the interior, so decorate them with a flashy wallpaper or a wallpaper with an ornate pattern.

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Bedroom palette may vary, however, contrasting colours are often used; decorations must stand out. You may choose any combination, from black and white to red and pink.

A bed is the main item of the bedroom interior, it must be distinguished by a beautiful headboard and an elegant embroidered bedcover. Purchase nightstands of an unusual smooth shape.

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If you are going to have a wardrobe in your bedroom, it’s not enough to have wooden or mirror facades; decorate it with a photographic print or a pattern. Your chandelier must be beautiful and large, a cut-glass chandelier would be perfect. And last but not least, the curtains of your bedroom must stand out, so go for bright ornate curtains.

Keep in mind that an art deco bedroom must feature numerous accessories. Make sure to decorate every wall with some sort of an accessory; empty walls are not tolerated in art deco.

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