Is the aquarium in the bedroom harmful?

Is the aquarium in the bedroom harmful?
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The aquarium is not only a beautiful element of a sleeping decor, an object of entertainment and comfort, but also a small living world that needs care. If the noise of the aquarium is not irritating, there is no allergy to the smells released by the installation, and you agree to daily care for the animals, then the negative consequences associated with the location of the aquarium in the bedroom, should not arise.

Today, there are many options for decorating bedrooms, one of which was the aquarium. It is placed in the bedroom of the lovers of peace, coziness and fauna. Aquariums are famous for their soothing and relaxing effect on the nervous system, however, when they are placed in the bedroom there are also negative aspects.

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Positive moments of the location of the aquarium in the bedroom

By placing the aquarium in the bedroom, you will receive:
– a calming effect on the human body, especially before the bedtime;
– moisturizing effect, most useful in homes with central heating.

A variety of shapes, sizes and design of aquariums make it possible to determine the choice in accordance with their preferences. You can choose a panoramic aquarium, screen, rectangular, hexagonal, cubic form, as well as a desktop or built-in option. The aquarium with LED backlight will replace the night light.

At night, before going to bed, you can watch the catfish, which during the day usually hide in shelters. Current lighting for aquariums can simulate sunsets and dawns. Daylight must be switched off at night.

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Negative sides of the aquarium location in the bedroom

Having installed an aquarium in the bedroom, you will experience the following negative aspects:

– the noise of the aquarium can promote night awakenings;
– allergic reactions to food and odor;
– the constant movement of fish does not allow everyone to relax.

If you are an adherent of feng shui, then you should not put  this kind of bearer of water in the bedroom.
Located in the bedroom aquariums according to feng shui, have a very negative effect on the health of those who are sleeping there.

If a person who has an aquarium standing in the bedroom has a positive attitude to the living element of design, then the negative moments will not be so significant. In addition, there’s a silent aquarium equipment for sale, and you can select yourself the корма and species of the fish.

Aquariums installed in bedrooms are often equipped with internal filters with aeration. Then their work is almost soundless, only a pleasant murmur of water is heard.

It is necessary to take into account the fact that water evaporation can adversely affect some materials, so before installing the aquarium in the bedroom, pay attention to the furniture and the situation of the room.

The aquarium promotes a quality quiet sleep and a good mood on waking. The object of observation should be near the sleeper, this allows you to give the illusion of contact with the fish.

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